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Located on one of the busiest corners of Pakington Street in Geelong West, the Pako Farmers Market showcases the best independently grown, made and caught food in our region. We support regional producers and makers, so all our stallholders must grow, catch or make their own food products. If you have your own food to sell, please read on...

Pakington Street (hence, "Pako") is one of Geelong's most vibrant retail areas. It is always buzzing with local shoppers and has an amazing cafe scene. People spend serious money along this strip and fresh food is a huge focus for them. There are several retail food shops nearby - so customers will already be out to buy food. The Pako Farmers Market will let you connect with food-focussed customer traffic that's already in the area. Proximity to Pakington Street and to nearby parking will make it ridiculously easy for customers to find you. If your product is superior, how will they be able to resist?

Ideally, yes - but it's not a deal-breaker. As long as you can show us that the people selling at your stall are your direct employees and you'll commit to selling only your own food, that's ok. We are happy to help you to move towards VFMA accreditation if you wish.

We're a non-profit group and we've created the Pako Farmers Market to provide stallholders with a place to succeed, and we support you with regular social media posts on Facebook and Instagram, with highly visible street signage, and with paid advertising in tourism magazines and websites, as well as local radio and the occasional newspaper ad. Our promotions are about the market rather than individual stallholders, though of course we do tag and mention individual stallholders as part of our postings. We reckon that's pretty solid support.

All markets are built on the buzz that's created by their unique combination of stallholders, the neighbourhood and the promotion that's done by everyone involved, including word of mouth from happy customers. As you'd know, all markets are affected by weather, holidays and competing events that might be on, but even though we're a young market, we've had up to 1000 people visit on a single market day.

To take advantage of that and turn it into a happy cash flow on market day, you will need to add to it with your own social media posts or whatever promotion works best for you. If you aren't sure about how to get the most out of Instagram or Facebook, we have a guide that can help you with that too, but you will definitely need to bring your customers along to your particular stall by letting them know about your beautiful produce in advance! When we work together, we can create a bigger buzz than either of us can do on our own.

Step 1: Grab a cuppa and a comfy chair.

Step 2: Download and read our Stallholder Info Pack. [740MB PDF]
It has all the nitty gritty details that you'll need to know and agree to so there are no surpises for anyone.

Step 3: Click this link to our stallholder application form. Fill it out and submit it and you're on your way. (You'll soon see why you needed a cuppa with this...)

We'll check out your details, your food and the cut of your jib and let you know how your application went. We promise to do this within 10 days.

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