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Our Story
The Pako Farmers Market grew from a bunch of friends who wanted to be able to buy better food, made by locals, more easily, more often. Before we knew it, we were a real organisation, the Barwon Fair Food Network. and, with all of us pitching in to get things started, we kicked things off for our first market in October 2017 at the Ashby Primary School, Geelong West.

Two years on and we have moved to West Park on Pakington Street, adjacent the Geelong West Neighbourhood House building.

Our passion is for food that's nutritious, fair and ethically produced in our region and we want to share that passion with the community.

The benefits of local food are enormous, from health to jobs to community connection; from cultural heritage to lower emissions to soil improvement; and lots of other benefits in between.

Through the Pako Farmers Market, we'll be reaching thousands of people to give them some of those benefits. The market's location on busy Pakington St will give us access to people who may have never visited a real farmers market before, and we are thrilled to know that we'll be introducing them to some of the best, healthiest food they may have ever eaten. We're also really excited to think that busy people living in the middle of town will connect with the farmers who feed them, something that's almost unheard of in a time when some people think that chocolate milk is brown because it comes from brown cows, and that tomatoes grow all year round. (Seriously, that's a thing.)

We'd love your help
As a non-profit association, we're run by volunteers who work together to operate the farmers market. We'd love to share our market's success with like-minded organisations who can help us out.

We need more than money - we need great sponsors
Yes, money is essential, and we'll be more than happy to show you how we recognise our sponsors. We're also keen to talk employee engagement through memberships and volunteering, and to discover what types of skills might be native to your organisation and could help essential pieces of ours - those crossovers are great ways to add real social value to any project, and we think ours is up there with the best.

Please drop us a line (to info@barwonfairfood.org.au) and let's see what we can build together to really help the Geelong region be so much better through the food we grow, make and eat.

Can we send you some updates?

The Pako Farmers Market newsletter is filled with yummy seasonal news and tips to help you make the most of the market.